Several Reason to Just Let The Kids Feel Free to do What They Want

Name                 : Zarmayana Nur Khairunni

Date                   : October, 15th 2013

Assignment        : Paragraph Writing

Class                  : B

Faculty               : Faculty of Nursing


Based my experience, there are several reason to just let the kids feel free to do what they want included annoying people. First, it will increase their intelligent. Some people feel annoyed by kids when they did their activity. However, at the same time with annoy people; the kids can learn something new too. That was their natural habit. Another reason is maybe it mean they need our attention. Kids who did not get enough attention from people can grow be a bad kid. Actually, the kids are not really want to annoy us, it just the way to show their respect to us. For all these reason, we can know kids activity not always be a negative thing but also be a positive thing. Therefore, I think some people should let the kids keep annoy them, but, as an older people we must keep watching them and carefully with our opinion about the kids.


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