Several Tips About Reading Skill

Pre-Reading I : Reading Practice

Zarmayana Nur Khairunni – 1306464732 – EFN I (B)

In academic study, there are many article which should we read to underpin our writing assignments or research. Therefore, we need ability to read the article effectively. Effective reading is a skill that can give us a better knowing of what we have read. Besides that, that skill can reduce our time and give more focus when we read the articles. There are several tips about reading skill according to Wolverhampton’s (2013), Cosby’s (1986), and Leicester’s (2013) article.

First, we can make a reading list. That list will help us to shorting what we need to read. Second, search any references (online and offline) which relevant to our list to expand our subject knowledge. Third, we should selective about our references. We can survey the table of content or scanning to know if it contains the information we need. Next, we should criticize what we read. It used to know if our references are good enough or not. Things that we can criticize are such as who the author, what the main argument, phenomena, and how to present the information. After that, we can make notes to remember the important word. The other important thing is when we start to read, we should breathe regularly to balancing oxygen levels in our brain. Then, we should read it in positive environment to keep our concentration when read the references. And the last one to can reading effectively is use an effective reading strategy such as SQ3R (Survey, Question, Read, Recall, and Review)

Besides reading effectively, we should try to increase our reading speed. According to Cosby’s (1986) article, there are three ways to improve our reading speed. First way is preview, which useful for getting a general idea of heavy reading such as newspaper article. Previewing gives us a quick, overall view, and unfamiliar material. This how to do previewing: first, read the entire first two paragraphs, and then read only first sentence of each successive paragraph. At last, read the entire last two paragraphs.  Second way is skim, which use to get a general idea of light reading such magazines. Skimming gives us very good idea about the article in half or words and less time. How to skim is force our eyes to move fast, and then sweep them across each line of type, and last one is pick up or circle only a few key words in each line.

The last way is cluster, which use to increase speed and comprehension. Clusters make us read faster and understand most of what we read. How to cluster is pick something light to read, then read it as fast as we can. Then, concentrate on seeing 3 to 4 words at once rather than one word at time and reread the piece at our normal speed to see what we missed at the first time. Repeat it. When we can read in clusters without missing much the first time, our speed has increased. For best result, we should have enough practice that can do in anywhere.

After we can reading effectively and know what the best way to read kind of article, now we can improve our reading skills according Leicester’s (2013) article. That article inform us that to improve our reading skill we need to have clear reading goals, choose the article which really we need, use the right reading style, and using notes. First, reading goals is the main purpose why we need to read something. Reading goals can be an essay or pre-reading like this summary. After we made our reading goals, we need to check the text if it contains information that is relevant with our reading goals or not.

Once we have selected an article, we can use scanning and skimming to help us know the idea from the text. Skimming is the same method as explained in the previous paragraph. Scanning is technique we might use when reading a directory. We just see several alphabets in each word and do it fast until we found the word we need. The last one is note taking. Note taking provide a useful aid to reading. We can underlining or highlighting the important word or keywords, give a question to what just we read, and make a summaries to make sure if we have understood what we have read.

As we have seen, reading practice is an important thing to us as a college student. There are many techniques to improve our reading skill and reading effectively. Nonetheless, people have suitable technique for their own self. In the end, there is a universal thing, practice make perfect.


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