Eating Healthy in India

loose movements

…lol jk, shut up and finish your rice.

1) White Rice: “The healthiest thing you can eat”


Lesson 1 of expat eating on a budget: don’t fight the staple. Your only hope is to find a method of rice-to-mouth-delivery less reminiscent of eating Styrofoam. Luckily, when it comes to rice consumption, South India is as creative as it is fanatical. Rice flour is the main ingredient in wide variety of food-like starch products, many of which are objectively awesome. My favorites:




A thick, rice flour pancake, usually filled with onions and slathered with ghee.




A thinner, sourdough rice flour pancake, usually served with coconut chutney and a type of lentil soup called sambar. (Unrelated side note: most of my students say “sambar-ize” instead of “summarize,” which is so awesome I have stopped correcting them.) I’ve seen dosai stuffed with everything from spicy potatoes (Masala Dosa)…

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