Why Indonesia’s Fact are Different with Indonesia’s Theory?

Indonesia is located in tropical zone and tropical rain forest. In theory, Tropical area has a warm climate and has much rainfall. In tropical area, we can found a densest and fertile forest with a rain of more than 200 centimetres a year called tropical rain forest. With plenty of sunshine and rainfall throughout the year, it grows many different types of trees. From clump to very tall trees, they bring the layer to the forest. Creeping vines and other plants that grow on trees add to the density of the forest. The tropical rain forest may be seen as the world’s lungs. The forest produce a lot of oxygen that refreshes ours. It also absorbs the carbon dioxide spilled from industrial areas and exhaust pipes. In short, Indonesia was a green and warm when summer and wet when rainy season. Almost, the forest (at least the trees) can be found in all part of Indonesia. Indonesia has many fresh water and oxygen supplies from the forest as the main resources.

In facts, Indonesia was not a green country anymore even though it has a lot of forest. It is almost likes a barren country. There are a few reasons for that. First, there are some parts in Indonesia that covered by forest, but now illegal logging in Indonesia makes the forest almost gone and can’t useful. Next, Indonesia becomes a carbon emission supplier and has a random climate which almost cannot be expected. It’s also makes some disasters like increasing the temperature of the earth, raising up the sea levels, flood, and so on.


The Trouble maker is deforestation in Indonesia that caused by logging and conversion to agriculture and plantations, but a lot of the agricultures and plantations was replaced by villages, residential, offices, roads, factories, and the other urban buildings. They are doing it without considering of the impact for environment and ecosystem like watershed, treatment and disposal place of waste, viability of population, and exploration areas. There is a little bit explanation about the impact.

1.                  Watershed

Watershed is the most important aspect. The trees in the forest retain the rainwater that falls into the mountains, thus preventing floods in the valley. The water is absorbed into the earth, and the ground water then becomes a source for our water supply. Therefore, what will happen as a result of destroying forest (focus on losing the watershed)?

Among of the effect is increasing potential of flood and decreasing fresh water supply. Nowadays, many citizens were difficult to get fresh water. They must walk a kilometers or queue for a long day. Besides that, people keep build dwell that grew wild barged into the middle of the reservoir, which further reduces the watershed areas without any calculation the effect, as happened in Pluit reservoir. After that, when flood is coming, they are just blaming each others, as the governors. Now, 90% of watershed in Jakarta has been changed into village. Flood will be loved to keep coming there.

2.                  Treatment and Disposal Place of Garbage

It is like poisoning our self. Producing something is good for now, but bad forever. Use that things are very well and throw it bad (If you hadn’t threw that things, it would not saved all the people). It must start from your personality, and it must be a habit for all the people. A lot of people don’t like to be a dirty person, smell, or fell hot, but what they do? Littering is anywhere and anytime. They should have realized if they lived in the dump. For instance, are people in the car; throw the garbage out from window. What about use a warning? It wills not affective, trust me. Like this picture.


It is on the land, what about on the water/river/sea? That is mores bad.  Ocean currents can carry the litters, which has been thrown into the sea and onto the beach. If we would have thrown garbage into the sea, the sea will carry it into the ocean.

Then the industrials activity are very dangerous because many dangerous chemicals content. They should produce untilnohazardouswaste before throw it out. They should prepare the output place, it is a serious thing. If they do a mistake like produce dangerous waste, or throw it careless, the environment will be end. For instance, they throw it into river; river will carry it into the sea, poisoning the sea, kill the sea creature. Moreover, fish in the river will death and the other animals, which drink from the river even the human, who use it. Then, if water in the river were absorbed by the trees, it will sick and then death. The waste can be affect many bad things like poisoning fresh water supplies, make acid rains, flood, diseases everywhere, and the worst is death.

3.                  Viability of Population,

As a habitat, the forest is like an apartment building. Specific animals dwell in each forest layer―the forest canopy, the middle layer, or the forest floor―and adapt to their own territories, not competing each other for space. If they had lost their habitat, they would not have find new habitats, or get it back like what happening in Jakarta, Monkey attack.

4.                  Exploration Areas

Every Factory even the people must have a big consider like citizens life and their condition. If not? Unpredictable things will be happen. For example, Lapindo’s hot mud disaster

In conclusion, Indonesia’s forest has a lot of problems about the illegal logging, waste, the pollutant, and the acid from chemistry things; however, it has a lot of forest and dump.  There are a lot of reasons about the troublemaker that I mentioned.

Can We Get Ours Indonesia Back?

Yes, but not 100%. How? If we continually cut down forest trees, soon our forests will be bare. We must increase efforts to preserve our forests. What can we do? We must no cut down all the trees and should leave sufficient trees in the forest to enable the growth of new trees. Or, if all the trees have been lumbered, the lumberjack must replace them by planting new trees. We need to plant superior quality seeds, which assure a fast growth and are immune to diseases. Others, we can reduce, recycle, and reuse what we use, make chemical less products, re-evaluation of urban planning and add more watershed and dump, re-evaluation diversion of forest, etc.

But at all, the main key for this problem is our brain. Natures have big responsibility for human mindset. There is any connection between environment and human mindset. The empty land and fast technology growth push people to full their materialistic needs.

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