How To Make Orange Juice


1.        Oranges (2 per 8-oz. serving)

2.      Strainers (for less pulp)

3.      Juicers (optional)

4.      Paring knives

5.      Drinking glasses

6.      Slotted spoons (for added pulp)

7.      Oranges (2 Per 8-oz. Serving)

8.      Drinking Glasses

9.      Juicers (optional)

10.      Paring Knives

11.   Slotted Spoons (for Added Pulp)

12.      Strainers (for Less Pulp)

The Steps

1.      Begin by tightly squeezing oranges repeatedly to soften them.

2.    Wash thoroughly, cut into halves and remove seeds.

3.    Proceed to step 11 if using a juicer.

4.    Carefully cut circularly around the edge of an orange half, slightly separating the fruit and peel.

5.    Grip the orange half tightly and squeeze directly into a glass or serving pitcher.

6.    Continue squeezing and periodically rotating the orange in your hand until liquid is no longer produced.

7.    Scrape the orange with a spoon and add fruit directly to the juice for additional pulp.

8.    Put the juice through a strainer for less pulp.

9.    Repeat with the other orange halves.

Serve and you can enjoy it

Notes : 1 oz = 28 gram = 30 ml


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