My Adorable Soul

Dear, my prince..
Do you know if i’m still loving you ?
do you know how i can love you ?
for all question, yes, you know..
Never for me, for giving my heart to you..
but you has been change it..
you make me half past death in loving you..
i don’t care all people, just you ..
Just you in my head, my heart, and my life..
i really want to do anything for you,
i love when you beside me, i like when we laughing together, i like when you holding my hand, and i miss when you say ” I LOVE YOU” to me..
i will keep this feeling,Ā  even if you was hurt me or leave me..
i’m still love you..
it’s all because i’m never blame this feeling.
You are the best creature that i love.
i love you until the end of time.
If you was disapear in this life, but not in here, in my heart and my head..
you never did it, you are alive in here..
please, feel me, i’m here for you..
never for me feeling like this before..
i won’t losing you..
never and forever..
i’m here for you, need me or not..
i’m always waiting for you, you are everything for me..
i want you to be mine..

your eyes, your life, your hair, even your dream..
i love it all, everything in you and you..
it’s all so interesting for me..
you can trust me. I’m never doubt about this feel, about my love to you..
If you know, i’m never really smile.
it’s all just mask..
mask for covering the truth if i’m always crying when you not at beside me..

do you remember when you say if i’m is “piece of your heart” ?
When i say that i like and love you but i don’t know why ?
When i say it’s just come like now ?”
Or when you say you feel same thing like me ?

I Screaming ” i love you dan ” and i’m never want losing you, you are part of my life. You are the first man who make like this..
feel crazy and sick..
but i love this feeling, It’s all just because you !
Every second bring me memories about you to my head and my heart..
i can’t forget you..
I want You To Know that so i can breath free..
and freedom is power for me..


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