Phrases & Quotations

This is it, Phrases & Quotations around my life.

•  Practice is Make Perfect

• A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

•  Variety is the spice of life

•  Tobe or not to be that is  the question

• Asleep at the switch

• Opportunity only knocks once

• Let the past time flow away

• as pure as the driven snow

• More than one way to skin a cat

• Hope springs eternal

• Don’t throw caution to the wind

• Misery Loves Company

• None the worse for the wear

• A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

• Wild Choose Chase

• You Must Learn The Crawl Before You Can Walk

• Take it with A Grain of Salt

• Avoid it Like The Plague

• The road to true love never runs smooth

• Pot Calling the ketlle black

•  Don’t Beat Around The Bush

• Coin a Phrases

• Chickens come home to roast

• No Time Like The Present

• God Helps Those Who Help Them Selves

• Give it Once Over



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